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Nov 1, 2016 · able to camp between vines, R&V provides a unique festival experience During the Angels Tent Hydration Tent Management Team Team will also engage the services of at least 2 registered nurses to further provide

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We show you how the nurses at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Vanderbilt School so students can maximize time between “The angels at Vine

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people The texts are dated between 1800 and 1200 BC These tablets contain many The angel is a supernatural messenger of the Lord sent with a thou shouldest say unto me, Carry them in thy bosom, as a nursing father beareth the

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and thunder in the distance— In her winning poem “The Vineyards of Teramo,” Laura Apol celebrates a beloved ancestor, one discovered in a between the lonely realm of the dispossessed us, nursing the sick, off duty flirting,

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Nursing Section, 28 29 Southampton Street, Strand, London, WC No 1,044? Vol XL The nurse should know the difference between suppression of urine and mere fruit farms where rows and rows of vines laden with grapes met the Immediately over the stone porch is carved an angel with outstretched arms 

[PDF] The Vine 6, 2019 - Pronto Marketing

Apr 5, 2019 · The Vine The angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that between all us Nursing Home and Flintwood Disability Centre
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      Nurse Angel

      • - Between the Vines
      • ☼ Nurse Angel ☼

      Copyright 2010 Jamie Mills-Price ~ Between the Vines™ Inc

      I dedicate this design to the hard-working,

      • caring nurses of the world

      May you be blessed as you walk through your

      • giving comfort,

      care and compassion to those in need

      Special thanks to the kind nurses who helped with my

      parent’s care this last year

      It is my hope that as you wear this little pin,

      it brings a smile to those around you

      ♥Palette: Deco Art Americana Acrylics

      ♥Brushes: Jo Sonja Sure Touch

      Warm White

      Bleached Sand

      Shading Flesh

      Dusty Rose

      Honey Brown

      Milk Chocolate

      Burnt Umber

      Soft Black

      Neutral Grey

      Crimson Tide


      Series 1370 Flats №:10,

      Series 1350 Rounds №: 3,

      Series 1360 Liners №:18/0

      Series 1385 Filberts №: 2

      • ♥Misc: Wood Sealer,


      DA Glamour Dust Glitter Paints:

      Sizzling Red,

      Ice Crystal (new glittery paints

      Loew Cornell:

      LC Maxine Mop 1/2

      ♥Surface: Valhalla Laser Designs

      Nurse Angel Lapel Pin (Item #NALP-6)

      Approx size: 1

      • 75” x 1


      • (541) 860-5551
      • -check out the ornament-sized shape for this design
      • ♥Instructions:

      Seal the surface with wood sealer and sand lightly

      Fill in the angel sections as shown below,

      using the size of round brush that fits the area

      I wrapped the color around the edges,

      • but you can

      leave it unpainted if you like,

      • (the laser-cut edge)

      Hair: Honey Brown

      Face and Feet: Dusty Rose

      Hat: Bleached Sand

      the Red Cross and top of the hat are Crimson Tide

      Wings: Using the 2 filbert loaded in Neutral Grey,

      • apply a coat over the wings
      • while wet,
      • tip the

      dirty brush into Warm White and tap over the wings (to symbolize feathers)

      Dress: Bleached Sand

      Heart: Crimson Tide,

      also coat the inside cut edge of the heart

      • ♥Painting:

      Use the mop to soften your floats as needed

      Paint with the size of brush that is most comfortable

      • to you,

      I have given you suggestions

      If desired,

      you can varnish first before adding the sparkle

      effects…adding Swarovski crystals here and there might be pretty also

      • - Face and Feet: Using the 8 flat side-loaded in a brush mix of Dusty Rose + Warm

      float the highlight on the face and feet

      Using the same brush side-loaded in Shading

      • shade the face and feet

      Using the 18/0 liner and thin Shading Flesh,

      • paint the lines for the

      Tip the fine liner in Burnt Umber and dot the eyes,

      remove most of the paint from the brush

      • and add a dash for the nose

      Use the 8 flat and a side-load of Crimson Tide float small cheeks

      Add a dot of Warm White under her chin

      Nurse Angel ☼ Page 2

      Step 2 – Hair,

      Hat and Halo:

      ~Hair: Using the 8 flat side-loaded in Milk Chocolate,

      float the shading on the hair (at the part

      • and along the bottom)
      • deepen with Burnt Umber

      Using the 18/0 liner and thin Milk Chocolate,

      (dirty brush into Burnt Umber as desired) and line the dark areas of the hair and on the bangs,

      repeat using Honey Brown & Warm White,

      in the highlight areas and on the bangs

      ~Hat: Float across the bottom with Neutral Grey,

      highlight across top with Warm White

      ~Halo: The halo is lined on with Warm White,

      • using the 18/0 liner

      The little flower is stroked

      on using the 18/0 liner loaded in Crimson Tide

      the center dot is Warm White and the leaf

      • strokes are Avocado,
      • same brush

      (I floated the Gold Glitz on her hair and floated Sizzling Red

      • over the red flower)
      • - Wings: Using the 8 flat side-load in Neutral Grey,

      float along the bottom of the wings

      and next to the angel’s head

      side-load the dirty brush in Soft Black and deepen this float

      • (optional)

      Highlight across the outer edge with Warm White

      Side-load the brush in Warm

      White and highlight the wings

      Step 4 – Skirt: Using the 1 round loaded in thin Neutral Grey,

      paint the stripes down the skirt

      Line between the stripes with thin Crimson Tide

      Using the 10 flat and Neutral Grey,

      • float the
      • skirt under the heart

      side-load the dirty brush in Soft Black and deepen this float (optional)

      Using the 10 flat and a side-load of Crimson Tide,

      float the red tint down the right side of the

      Same brush,

      highlight the dress using Warm White

      Add the stylus dot detail,

      • using Warm

      Check the sides of the dress using the 1 round and thin Crimson Tide

      The little flower is

      painted the same as the flower in her hair

      Step 5 – Heart: Using the 8 flat and a side-load brush mix of Crimson Tide + Warm White,

      • the top of the heart

      Same brush,

      side-load brush mix of Crimson Tide + Soft Black,

      • float the
      • bottom of the heart

      Finishing: Erase any remaining graphite and varnish as desired

      (You can add the glitter paint

      either before or after you varnish,

      • your choice)

      Glue the pin back on

      (Optional) Glitter Paint Details:

      Sizzling Red: Completely coat over the heart and the red cross

      tint down the right side of the

      • around the red flower,

      along the bottom of the wings,

      and on the right side of the skirt

      Ice Crystal: I floated Ice Crystal on the hat,

      • wings and skirt
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